Skip to content is one of the most trusted crypto lending and trading platforms out there. has currently 3 projects running: their App, the Exchange and a NFT marketplace. As most operators in the crypto space, they have their own cryptocurrency, called CRO (or coin), which will reward you for holding it with different perks and benefits.

The App has great offers for both, holders and lenders. You can differentiate between 2 categories: The first one with at least 10.000 CRO staked or the second one with less than 10.000 CRO. Interest rates for holders and lenders mainly depend on the category you are in. Being in category 1 gives you obviously better interest rates. Users that stake 100.000 CRO or more earn an additional 2% p.a. on fixed term deposits (paid in CRO). (Not applicable to CRO deposits)

As a lender you will pay an interest rate of 8% p.a. in the first category and 12% p.a. with less than 10.000 CRO. As a holder interest rates vary strongly from 0,5% to 12% p.a. depending on the coin you are holding, the time you will stake it for and which category you are in. At point of writing is supporting around 50 coins on their platform, which I have listed below.

On top of that, they offer high quality VISA cards made out of steel. Those inlcude some nice perks like up to 5% cashback on every purchase, free ATM withdrawl, free Spotify premium, free Netflix, free Amazon Prime and many more. They also offer 10% cashback on selected shops on special occasions. When you sign up, be sure to use my code (3ecjukj8u5) to secure a $50 bonus. One thing I have to criticise about the credit card however, is the coating on the back. It has some kind of plastic caoting to make the card work wireless and to sign it. And this coating got completely scratched while i tried to slide my card through the cash terminal.

Talking fees, takes none, when buying coins in any way (This might change in the future). To offset this, there is a minimum threshold, when buying or withdrawing coins. Buying in small quantities isn’t where this exchange shines. As you probably might know, transactions on the blockchain can come with a pretty hefty fee. That’s why all crypto exchanges, including, take withdrawl fees, when withdrawing your coins to an external wallet. Compared to other exchanges, those can be a bit high in some cases. Details on fees and limitis

A small issue in my opinion is the design of the App, especially if you are a new user, since it is a bit complex and therefore makes it difficult to find certain things. Eventhough having a hard time navigating the app for the first few weeks, I slowly found my way into it and now navigate it with ease. I’m pretty sure the team of the App is already working on a redesign right now, which should make navigation much easier. You can also watch my video about the App, where I walk you through everything and explain important features.

The exchange has left its beta on september 8th 2020 with a “50% off Bitcoin” deal. Those deals aren’t unusual and acutally are the way it made its name. They can be found at the so called syndicate section. For beginners this exchange might be a bit overwhelming, but don’t be shy to try. Sign up here and use code 3ecjukj8u5.