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About me

Hey there, you probably know me as some guy on the internet, that calls himself DaN0mic.

My real name is Steffen and I currently live in the EU, in the northern part of Germany. Therefore my mother tongue is German, but speak English aswell and I am also learning Spanish right now.

As you probably have already noticed, I am very enthusiastic about crypto and investing, love gaming, content creation and building this website of course 😀

My interests vary from from economics to politics. Though one of my favorite hobbies, I recently discovered, is OSM. I spend lots of time there improving maps to support a more open-source and decentralized world. Other than that I spend my free time watching YouTube, scrolling Twitter, lurking in streams or reading articles of my interest. This includes learning about the world of crypto, earning crypto and analyzing the market while being on the lookout for some juicy deals.

If you want to talk to me or get to know me better you can contact me on Twitter or any of my other socials.